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(803) 791-2000
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Working With Us

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Extended Care Jobs

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We employ more than 8,000 people in the Columbia area.

You can choose where you work.

At the hospital:

  • Move at a fast pace that requires quick thinking.
  • Interact with patients on a deeper level.
  • Respond to challenges and emergencies to save lives.

At a physician practice:

  • Work a regular schedule.
  • Find a position near your home.
  • Get all the benefits of the LMC network.

We're a Community

Our outstanding medical staff works as a team to treat patients and provide the highest level of care.

Everyone Has a Voice

Doctors and nurses work side-by-side to get treatment right for our patients. Physician, administrative and nursing leaders get together for open discussions.

Employees Love It Here

The numbers don't lie. Our employee satisfaction is consistently higher than the national average. When people join Lexington Medical Center, they stay here.


Rapid Growth

We're already a world-class health care system, and our numbers are on the rise.

5,000 New Employees

Since 1991, we've hired 5,000 new employees and we're looking for more!

Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide the latest treatments and equipment so our staff can offer patients the best possible care.

Busiest ER in the State

Our medical centers see a high volume of patients, and our emergency room is the most active in South Carolina.

Continuing Education

Our employees are always learning and growing, and we offer support for their professional development.

National Certifications

We encourage our nurses to pursue certifications beyond their RN licenses, and give them support to get nationally certified in their chosen specialty.

Advanced Training

What Our Nurses Say


"The culture here is phenomenal. You could work your entire career here and never want to leave."