Phone Numbers

Front Desk / Patient Information
(803) 791-2000
Patient numbers
(803) 739-3200
Emergency Services
(803) 791-2350
3rd Floor Waiting Room
(803) 791-2703

4th Floor Waiting Room
(803) 791-2754
(803) 791-BABY (2229)
(803) 791-2342
Patient Billing (Hospital)
(803) 791-2300
(877) 835-0975
Financial Counselor
(803) 791-2490
Public Safety
(803) 791-2373

Arrival Guide

Preparing for Surgery

The Day Before

  • Drink eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day.
  • Refrain from or reduce cigarette smoking 12 hours prior to lessen the potential for nausea.
  • Follow your physician’s guidelines on eating food or drinking fluids.
  • Take a shower or bath.
  • Remove polish from fingernails and toenails.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages the evening and night before your stay.

Before You Arrive

  • Brush your teeth the morning of surgery but do not swallow water.
  • Take only the medicine prescribed by your physician with a small sip of water when you get up.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to the hospital.
  • Do not apply makeup.
  • Remove contact lenses, hairpieces and any piercings.
  • Leave valuables including money, jewelry, watches and rings at home.
  • Bring a pillow and a blanket for your stay or for the ride home.
  • Plan to have a support person to drive you to Lexington Medical Center.
  • Arrive at the hospital 90 minutes before your procedure.

When You Arrive

  • Enter through the east main entrance and report to the information desk.
  • If you are being admitted after a procedure, leave your suitcase in the car and have it brought to you after you are in your assigned room.

Common Questions

Maternity - Pre-Admission

Get ready to have your baby.

Having Surgery

Preparing for surgical procedures.

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

All items or containers brought to the hospital should be clearly marked with your name.

  • Acceptable form of photo identification — driver’s license, state-issued ID card, etc.
  • A copy of your insurance card (if applicable)
  • Preferred toiletries
  • A robe, slippers and sleepwear
  • Personal items such as eyeglasses and dentures

What shouldn’t I bring to the hospital?

Please leave valuables such as cash, jewelry, wedding rings and credit cards at home.

How do I designate someone to speak on my behalf about my care?

Guest services can assist you with a health care power of attorney which designates a family member for your doctor and other caregivers to speak with about your condition. They can also help you understand other important legal documents.

Who is my attending physician?

Your attending physician is the person responsible for your care during your stay. Sometimes the attending physician may change depending on the type of care or services required for your care. Some attending physicians work closely with a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

What if I have a concern about my medical care?

It is your right at any time during your hospital stay to discuss your medical care with your attending physician (or designee). Upon request, a nurse will provide you with your attending physician’s telephone number and assist in placing the call. If you are unable to make a personal call, a nurse will call your attending physician (or designee) to inform him or her of your concern and your need to discuss your medical care.

In addition, you may request to speak with a hospital administrator, director, manager or supervisor to discuss concerns about your treatment plan or hospital care at any time, or you may call the ActionLine at (803) 791-2342.